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Cases of Necessary Appraisal

Under Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On the assessment of property, property rights and professional activities in Ukraine" assessment is mandatory in cases of:

  • creation of enterprises based on individually selected property or property that is in the state or municipal property; reorganization, insolvency, liquidation of enterprises and enterprises of business entities) from state or municipal share of the property;
  • selection or determination of the property in the common property in which there is a state or municipal share);
  • determination of the contributions of members and founders of companies, if specified and in the event of excluding the participant or founder out of a company;
  • alienation in cases prescribed by law, lease, exchange, insurance, privatization of state property, property that is in municipal own, and the return of the property on the basis of a court decision;
  • pledge of private, public and municipal property;
  • revaluation of fixed assets for accounting purposes;
  • property taxation under current law;
  • determination of damages in cases prescribed by law;
  • in other cases by the court decision or by the need to protect the public interest.

A separate assessment is mandatory in cases of collateral state and municipal property, the alienation of state and municipal property in ways that do not involve competition among buyers in the sale, or in the case of sales to a single buyer, the definition of damages or losses during disputes and in other cases stipulated by law or by agreement.

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