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Cost of Services

The cost of the property assessment in each case is calculated individually and depends on the appraiser’s labor duration of the works and the necessary documents submitted by the customer for an independent assessment.

Pricing of the Expert and Appraisal Company "Dribnich, Novosyol and Partners" has allowed to achieve optimum value for money services. To develop the most profitable model we have analyzed all the rates offered by other agents on the market of property valuation, and take as a basis the prices which better meet the needs of the customer.

Please note that the salaries of appraisers is not proportional to the estimated value of the object, i.e. the payment for our services is not associated with a certain ultimate value of the object of assessment, and also is not associated with a definite value for the client. The cost of services depends primarily on the complexity of the object, the amount of materials wasted during work and amount of time spent by the appraiser to determine the estimated value of the property valuation. This approach fully supports the basic principle of assessment - independence.

In forming the value of the services we will consider cooperation terms with customers and the volume of orders received from him. It should be noted that the gradation of prices given in the table can be called arbitrary. Because each task that you as a customer set for appraiser is unique, hence the decision has to be exclusive.

The communication directly with appraisers by the phone helps to determine exactly how much money you will need to pay for solving a given problem. You will receive expert advice from a professional appraiser, who gives you a complete picture of features and performance terms of your order.

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