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Equipment Appraisal

Equipment Appraisal can be done by civil legal entities in cases of compulsory assessment and on a voluntary basis in the following cases:

  • for the transaction of sale, exchange or other property transactions;
  • for determining the optimal rental rate for leased equipment;
  • on revaluation of fixed assets;
  • if the loan is secured by the property;
  • on the transmission equipment for rental or leasing;
  • in resolving of property disputes;
  • on the restructuring of the debt;
  • when determining the sum insured;
  • when determining the amount of property damage;
  • in determining the value of the contribution to the authorized capital;
  • on optimization of the enterprise framework taxed;
  • to bring the share capital to the real value;
  • during the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • in the event of disputes over the value of property;
  • for perspective decision-making;
  • for write-off and disposal of equipment, etc.;
  • And in other cases not prohibited by laws of Ukraine.

You can place your order for the property appraisal, or find a list of necessary documents required for appraiser to perform evaluation.

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